A new French €2 coin was issued in 2022, the first time a circulating euro coin has been redesigned since the introduction of the currency in 2002.

Euro coins have a common side and a national side, and each eurozone country is entitled to change its observe (national side) every 15 years. France was the first to do so, taking advantage of the 20th anniversary of the euro and the French presidency of the European Council to make the change, which marks the start of a renewal of all eight French denominations.

The new design is by Joaquin Jiménez, engraver of the original ‘Tree of Life’ which appears on the original €1 and €2 coins. It is a natural evolution of that design, with a combination of the two trees that constitute the emblem of the Republic – namely, the oak, symbolising strength and solidity, and the olive, a symbol of peace.

The different facets of the leaves represent diversity, which constitutes national unity. At the bottom of the image is the acronym RF (for the French Republic),

The refreshed Tree of Life appears on both the new €1 and €2 coins. They were officially presented by President Macron and the French Minister of European Affairs during the launch of the French Presidency in January 2022.